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Stern Brothers Valuation Advisors

Since 1917 Stern Brothers has served the needs of thousands of clients throughout the country, ranging in size from small closely held companies to large publicly traded firms in a broad spectrum of industries. 

Our company traces its roots to the immigration of Morris, Henry and Sigmund Stern to the United States from Germany at the end of the 19th century.  The brothers had a vision for their lives that included the desire to succeed in business and create a better life for their families.  Morris and Sigmund settled in Sioux City, Iowa and went to work at a local department store.  They were ambitious and hoped to start their own business as soon as possible.  The brothers were able to raise enough money to buy inexpensive plots of land which they divided into small parcels and sold to farmers.  By 1917, they had accumulated approximately $300,000 from their land sales.  This became the seed money to found their investment banking firm - Stern Brothers & Co.

The investment banking firm grew through the years and developed a significant presence in public finance, investment banking, and corporate finance.  Richard J. Stern, son of Sigmund, was instrumental in building a company that became the eighth largest regional investment bank in the United States with total capital exceeding $60,000,000.  Stern Brothers has provided financing and financial services to institutions that gave Kansas City its identity.  Individual security offerings the firm helped launch reads like a who’s who of Kansas City business history: Russell Stover Candies; Frank Paxton Lumber; the Employers Reinsurance Corporation; Rival Manufacturing; Cook Paint & Varnish Co.; and Gas Service Co.  As time passed Richard transitioned the firm ultimately to its employees, which led to the creation of Stern Brothers Valuation Advisors.

Richard was very supportive of the Kansas City Art Institute, the Kansas City Symphony and the Lyric Opera.  So upon his death on December 31, 2001, a significant portion of his net worth was placed in the Richard J. Stern Foundation for the Arts.  The Foundation has total assets exceeding $40,000,000, which are used to support the Arts.   

In 1990, Stern Brothers Valuation Advisors was established in order to more clearly focus on the needs of its corporate clients.  John Korschot, Terry Fry and Dave Jones formed Stern Brothers Valuation Advisors and have been instrumental in the growth and development of the valuation and financial advisory practice which is well recognized throughout the United States.  Since 1985 we have devoted a considerable amount of time and energy in developing our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (“ESOP”) practice.  Our ESOP and business valuation practice is national in scope.

Stern Brothers Valuation Advisors is an employee owned company.  This ownership structure has resulted in an attitude by each associate that reflects a strong desire for the business to succeed.  As a service organization, our success is directly linked to the success of our clients.